Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ni Vyema Usi...........

Usiwachukie watu kwa sura zao,
Wapende watu kwa tabia zao.
Usiwaamini watu kwa kauli zao,
Washuhudie watu kwa matendo yao.

Usiwadharau watu kwa ufukara wao,
Waheshimu watu kwa utu wao.
Usiwajali watu kwa kipato chao,
Waheshimu watu kwa imani zao.

Usiwabeze watu kwa uduni wao,
Wahurumie watu kwa udhafu wao.
Mola atuwezeshe hayo,
Pia ziada ya kheri nyingine.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Cries Of Victims

They no longer be happy
Dishonest lead them
They no longer rehab economy
No sustainable capital. 
Myself am shared by country decay
A fever brought by Bribe,
Irresponsibility and embezzlement,
As the temperature of retrogress.

They no longer get wants
No centre to deliver
They have poor mental faculty
No requirements for foregoing

Our brothers are there
Yet they no longer our brothers again
Let my eyes and your eyes speak of
The cries of victims.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The Days Of Guilt"

The day is old!
The west grows like worms,
Their  shadows  are long,
There are cool whispers in the trees.

The developing grows downward!
We are the eyes that wouldn't wander,
What power lay hidden in those eyes,
That wouldn't wander?

The bombs in twice to innocents,
The top bubbles nonsense!
Knowledge creator are starving,
Provocative enjoy the national cake!

Let not be a tendentious,
Let us varnish our open shoe unleash our passion,
Provoke the truth and spoil the shame,
Finally redirect our sailing boat.